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Q How do I get the School Communicator
Q How do I uninstall the School Communicator?
A On a PC it is normally possible to uninstall the School Communicator directly from the Start Menu. Click Start (at the bottom left of your screen), then Programs, then click on the name of your School Communicator. Click on the uninstall link to remove the School Communicator. If there is no uninstall link you will need to use the Control Panel to remove the School Communicator. Click Start, then Control Panel. Now click on "Add or Remove Programs". It might take a while for the list to populate. Scroll down the list until you see the School Communicator, then click "Change/Remove" to remove from your computer. On a Mac you will first need to stop the application. You can do this using the activity monitor. Find the process with the right name (it will normally start with "d6" and then click on the stop button to stop the application from running. Now remove the application by simply dragging the appropriate folder from your Applications Folder into the trash.
Q Is the School Communicator compatible with my computer?