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Q How do I stop the School Communicator from popping up automatically?
A By default the School Communicator will pop up only once a day, normally first thing in the morning when you switch on your computer. You can stop the School Communicator from automatically launching. However this will also prevent the School Communicator from automatically updating, and is not recommended.

Use the "System Configuration Utility" to disable the automatic startup. Click Start and then click Run. Type "msconfig" into the text box and click OK. Now click on the tab called "Startup". Simply uncheck the programs you no longer wish to start automatically. The School Communicator will most likely be listed as d6_XXX. Please do NOT uncheck any other programs unless you are quite sure you know what you're doing, as this might affect the normal functioning of your computer.

Open your system preferences & click on Accounts. Select your username from the list and then click the Login Items tab. Now click the checkbox next to the name of your school to prevent it from automatically starting.

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